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Tickets: £5.00

Tuesday, 24th – Sunday, 29th March 2015

Bernard Shaw invites YOU
A one-man show created by and starring PADDY O’KEEFFE
inspired by NEIL TITLEY and directed by MARTIN NICHOLS.

Tuesday - Saturday at 8.00pm
Sunday at 5.00pm

Tickets: £13.00 / Concessions: £10.0

£10.00 tickets available via

Playwright, orator, iconoclast, novelist, critic, essayist, politician, energetic self-publicist, controversialist – GBS,
as he styled himself, divides opinion today as he did in his lifetime.

In our award-winning show the man himself invites you to celebrate his 90th birthday on the 26th July 1946. However, his celebrations
are rudely interrupted by Paddy O’Keeffe, an obsessive Shavian who – in 2015 – is determined to discover the real Bernard Shaw.

Run time 90 minutes with a short Q&A session after each performance.


"This gripping performance would enthral any audience ....fantastic story-telling" - The Argus

“An unusually compelling performance…the best you can ask of a piece of theatre” - Phil Mellows

“The charismatic Paddy O’Keeffe…a great actor and a great writer…
you will reflect on your life that has just received a new meaning
- Veronica Lazar for Remotegoat

“Recommended” - Time Out New Delhi


Tuesday, 14th April – Sunday, 3rd May 2015

In association with Michael Friend Productions


Directed by Michael Friend
Produced by Léonie Scott-Matthews
Design by John Dalton

Shaw’s post-atomic play from 1948. Even in his last plays Shaw’s virtuosity, technical sparkle and ability to stimulate and challenge an audience remain wholly undiminished.

 “As I have now entered my 93rd year, my fans must not expect from me more than a few crumbs dropped from the literary loaves I distributed in my prime, plus a few speculations as to what may happen in the next million light years that are troubling me in the queer second wind that follows second childhood.”

                                                      Bernard Shaw


Bethany Blake, Jesse Cooper, Janna Fox & Karl Niklas

Tuesday - Saturday at 8.00pm
Sunday at 5.00pm

(No shows Mondays)

Tickets: £13.00 / Concessions: £10.00


Thursday, 28th May – Sunday, 31st May 2015


by John Cooper

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8.00pm
Sunday at 5.00pm

Tickets: £13.00 / Concessions: £10.00