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Romancing The Score

Written by Shane White
Directed by John Dunne
Produced by Léonie Scott-Matthews

A city rising from the ashes, dispensing with old rivalries and tired, worn out traditions, consigning them to the
quagmire that is the past. But, hey-ho, it takes upon itself new ones. Where better to start than down the pub and
where better to be down the pub than in Belfast.  And not just any old pub, one particular old pub, Bridie's.
Romancing The Score goes to the true heart of the game of football, of life, of lost hope, of unrequited love... of loneliness.

Romancing The Score introduces the world of Five-A-Side football and its intense rivalry. At odds with the recent and on-going
emergence of modern bars, one of the remaining traditional pubs, Bridie's, steadfastly resists modernisation. Their pub team
attempts to deflate the egos of the new bars by a defiant display on the football pitch. Unfortunately Bridie's team is made up
of less-than-able players who traditionally suffer humiliating defeats. Tradition is all-important to this pub! However, is this love of
all things traditional merely a mask disguising a fear of the future, a fear of change?

Tuesday, 3rd February – Sunday, 22nd February 2015 2014

Tuesday - Saturday at 8.00pm
Sunday at 5.00pm

On the door: tickets: £13.00 / concessions: £10.00
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